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ARCH Network's NET visit to Kato Drys Community Council in Cyprus, will see some realities of climate change and the impact on forests, wildlife and landscape. Warmer and drier conditions are causing tree death near the coast & olives being planted 600 metres higher in the Troodos mountains. What are the Cypriots doing? De-salinating water, selecting proven native trees, inviting the public to 'adopt' rare & endangered endemic plants, developing hydroponics & geothermal energy, more efficient fire fighting, fighting against invasive exotics. How can ARCH & its Scottish consortium help? Spreading the word, engaging communities, small scale nature reserves, cost benefit analysis of forest versus bare (reflective) ground, arboricultural training to rescue ancient trees...... watch this space!

Forestry & Climate change tour of Cyprus
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Forestry & Climate change tour of Cyprus

  During our first trip to the hills around Lefkara, to see ancient olive grows with trees of around 1000 years old or more, it soon became evident that Cyprus, like the UK, is a prosperous country with an aspiring and educated population that no longer want to continue working on the land when they […]

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