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Biodiversity, Traditional Crafts, History in Local Development

Draft Itinerary: the exact programme will be based around the needs of the particiapnts.

Themes: Management of Nature Sites, Modern Interpretation of Craft, Archaeology and Tourism, Empowering Local Communities

Arrival in Sophia, meeting with your host Velislava Chilingirova, and tour of the city. Travel to Troyan, a historic town and monastery associated with ceramics, crafts and plum brandy. Visit to the Central Balkan National Park; EcoArt guesthouse in Drashkova Polyana village and working with clay – making ceramics, another local speciality; the Devetaki Plateau Area is a naturally and culturally diverse area with forests, karst pools, caves, precipices and villages with many cultural connections including Slavic, Thracian, Roman. It is part of a Natura 2000 site and is home to deer, wolves, wild boars, bats, amphibians, reptiles and wild plants; Hissarya –the remains of the Thracian and Roman town with the best preserved Roman city walls in Bulgaria, and some of Bulgaria’s oldest churches; visits to a range of archaeological sites.

The course is run by the Devetaki Plateau Association. Click here to visit their website. Please visit the Reports section of this website to view the reports from NET4 in 2018.

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