Help Save a Key Wetland in Slovakia!

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BROZ an award winning conservation NGO in Slovakia are trying to save a key wetland site by raising the money to buy it and manage it for nature. If you can support them and share with your network you can help to protect this vital site.

Visit their website and fundraising site to see more about this important campaign.

We have a unique opportunity to restore a territory which has been for many years intensively used for agriculture. Now we have a chance to change it and protect a 42-hectare wetland in an agricultural country. This territory is very unique due to the occurrence of a rare glacial relict Central European root vole (Microtus oeconomus mehelyi) and also many other species of plants and animals. Our goal is to protect and return not only water to the vast fields, but also the abundant life that is dependent on it. 

Therefore we’re calling on you – professionals, nature activists, conservationists, wildlife protectors, and climate champions – to help kick start this campaign and leave a positive impact for nature and generations to come. Our power comes from each other.

We just started a campaign and the public collection to buy 42 ha piece of land. It is the sole ownership of the price 100 000 €, i.e. 0,23 €/ m2. Two years ago was this land just a corn field and today we are trying to restore it back to nature. It is a huge price opportunity here in Slovakia, so we cannot wait for too long! 


All necessary information is within the campaign and we are more than happy to provide you any other details you like. We know it’s now a very busy end of the year and Christmas time, but we don’t want to lose this unique chance for nature. Here is the promised link on our just started campaign and the public collection to buy 42 ha of land: 

We are a professional NGO and we have been actively protecting nature for over 25 years (see our web page). Our intention is to proceed in the best possible way.

Apart from this individual land purchase action, we restore nature in the long term, so any possible cooperation, project or activities, which could support our mission to protect nature along the Danube in Slovakia will be welcomed and appreciated. If you require any further information, feel free to contact us at or request an appointment for a conference call.

Thank you for making our mission possible.

Over 25 years of creating change

Since 1997 we have been focusing on protection of floodplain forests and lowland ecosystems along the Danube river in Slovakia. Our work includes numerous activities focused on conservation and restoration of natural ecosystems, traditional land uses enhancing biodiversity protection (see video)  and supporting eco-tourism and sustainable development of local communitiesHowever our main focus is still nature conservation.

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