LATVIA: Forests, Wetlands, Green Infrastructure & Digital Technologies – May 2023

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Update 1st Sept 2022: The decision of the UK government to leave the Erasmus+ programme will not affect those projects with a signed contract. We will update participants on any new travel insurance and visa regulations.

Participants from the postponed course in 2020 will be offered first choice on any rescheduled courses in 2023.

As soon as we have confirmed dates and details we will post them here and share through our consortium. The proposed course for 2020 is provided below for information. 

Hosts: Andis Purs (State Forest Service of Latvia)

Course Dates: May 2023

Application Deadline: TBA

Preparation Meeting Date: TBA

Aims & Themes: exploring Latvian forestry and wetland management, conservation policy and practice; hunting attitudes & practices; digital tools for conservation planning & action; cultural heritage and landscapes of Latvia.


Draft Itinerary: the itinerary will be finalised in consultation with the participants. It will include the State Forest Service and associated government and academic organisations in Riga;

Kemeri National Park,

Lake Kaneiris and Dunduri Meadows;

State Forest Research Institute;

Cesis Institute of Environmental Solutions;

Traditional Barrel Makers; Viestura Larmanic Culture Heritage as Green Infrastructure in rural north Latvia.

Reports from 2019 & 2018

This link covers a wide range of Latvian topics

Click here to download the full NET course list for 2020. (downloadable pdf file relevant to 2023)

Click here to download the NET 5 2020 application form. (SNH staff are very welcome to email an expression of interest but they must complete their own internal HR process before submitting an application form)


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