NORWAY: Evenstad Hunting, Predators & Cross-border Conservation

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Please send an email ( or to express an interest in this course. We will contact you when we have the dates and you can complete the application form at that point.

Hosts: Inland Norway University, Evenstad Campus

Course Dates: May/June 2020 TBC

Application Deadline: TBC

Preparation Meeting Date: TBC 

Aims & Themes: hunting, land rights and conservation; predator management and conflicts; cross-border management and monitoring

Draft Itinerary:

Arrival Oslo & travel to Evenstad Campus. The course content is under discussion and will be published on the Archnetwork website shortly. The course will include Evenstad’s expertise on adaptive ecology (forestry, sustainably hunting and fishing, game management & monitoring, predator management conflicts & cross-border working). Participants also present to students at the university.

Reports from 2019 & 2018

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