Application Form (Expression of Interest)

The NET project aims to improve staff competencies and add a European dimension to nature, conservation, interpretation and environmental management for Scottish managers, trainer’s, advisors and training planners. ARCH works with a consortium of Scottish organisations to deliver the NET programme. Use this page to find out about availability and eligibility.



Tell us about your current employment and what advantage it would be to you and your organisation to take part in the NET programme.


NET 2018 Programmes dates so far: 

Slovakia Krajina                                                          25th  -31st May

South Slovakia – Lisov                                                 26th May – 2nd June

Norway –   Nina                                                           27th May  – 03 rd June

Norway –  Evenstad                                                    28th May – 04th June

Poland Society for the Coast EUCC                          04th  – 10th  June

Slovenia – Vitra Cerknica                                            05th – 12th July

Estonia –  Saarema                                                     30th July – 05th August

Iceland Turf building, traditional skills                         12th – 19th August

Romania last week of August                                     27th August – 04 th September

Bulgaria Devetaki Plateau –  biodiversity foundation  22nd  – 29th  September

Latvia State Forest Service                                        02nd – 10th September

Finland Tampere                                                         01st – 08th September

Cyprus, Kato Drys Municipality                                  23rd – 30th September

Most of these dates are confirmed, but some might change by a few days according to flights etc.

The programme details are nearly ready to go out so I will post them asap, however the 2017 programmes on the web page and the reports should give a good overview of the courses that we run regularly.