Slovenia Bohinj Wildflower Festival Story Map Report

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Lisa Davidson of Nature Scot created a GIS story map to share the learning from the course to the Bohinj Wildflower Festival in Triglav National Park.

Follow this link to view the storymap.

One of the highlights of this course for me was the lecture on the development of the Bohinjsko/From Bohinj Brand, by Dr Jana Vilman, Community Devleopment & Design Managament at Tourism Bohinj Green Movement.

In order to encourage and revitalise the local livelihoods, the Municipality of Bohinj & Turizem Bohinj, developed the Bohinjsko/From Bohinj Brand in 2015. Targeted at tourists, it assures local origin and high quality for agricultural, culinary and craft products.

Producers need to apply for certification (€50 approx.) which then goes to a panel of experts in product development & marketing, who then make the final decision. Those who qualify for certification are supported through a variety of methods.

  • They receive advice from an expert panel on diversifying their product range and pricing strategy —-> Selling their products in smaller sizes for higher prices
  • They helped with the presentation of the products by producing new (uniform across the brand) labelling, paper bags with the From Bohinj brand design, and gift boxes. These were bulk bought by the brand and distributed to the businesses.
  • They benefitted from being promoted on the brand website and fliers.

It has been developed as a complete tourist product that does not rely on the ‘sun, sand, sea’ tourism model or as Klemens (Director of Tourism Board Bohinj) put it the ‘lake, sun, beer’ model. Klemens stressed that the festival was designed to highlight wildflowers in the arts, in the sciences and in the home. This would show that wildflowers, and by extention wildlife isn’t separate from people, and only to be enjoyed by botanists or scientists but is something that has an impact on all of our lives – a way of exploiting natural heritage with minimal impact.


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