SLOVENIA: Sustainable farming & food in biodiversity rich regions

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Rescheduled 2-9th July 2022 

Sustainable Farming & Food in Biodiversity & Protected Areas through Different Educational Approaches

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Host: Bojan Žnidaršič (VITRA Centre for Sustainable Development)

Course Dates: 2-9 July 2022

Application Deadline: 2 March 2022

Preparation Meeting Date: 19 June 2022

Aims & Themes: learning about good practice in sustainable farming & food; biodiversity management & circular economy; adaptation to climate change, food security, sustainable communities and eco-tourism.

Themes & Draft Itinerary:

1.    Biodiversity with all part of sustainable development

2.    Ecosystem management, managing habitats and ecosystems. Rural biodinamic food in the Regional natural park

3.    Adaptive aproaches to species management. Biodiversity in forest

4.    Management for countryside activities for all generationes with green jobs

5.    Environmental interpretation, bringing nature to people. Biodiversity in the Sea natural park

6.    Natural heritage and turist management in Slovenian Alps

7.    Management of Karst cultural landscapes – environmental, cultural, social and economic sustainability based of family generations

8.    Managing for nature in a changing environment with UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Learn about good practices in sustainable farming and food inside the biodiversity and protected areas inside the public and private sectors
  • Get to know the biodiversity of 1/3 of Slovenia’s territory and their management through various institutions (public and private sector)
  • Compare Scottish and Slovenian nature management solutions (circular economy)
  • Get to know Slovenian food (organic and biodynamic production, bio-waste management and lifestyle)
  • Learn about practical examples of adapting to climate change, food security, and sustainable communities
  • Learn about the bright and dark sides of tourism, such as UNESCO’s protection of natural resources and cultural heritage


1.    Postojna, center of Karst region, formal and non – formal education for all generations

2.    Notranjska regional park around Lake Cerknica – education for all target groups of park

3.    Forest region Kocevje, education in forest,  eco farming in Loska dolina

4.    Bloke plateu – ohrananjanje zaščitenih vrst flore in favne, classroom in nature

5.    Karst region with eko farms and a social enterprise with vulnerable groups

6.    Primorska region near Adriatic sea, Sečovlje salina nature park

7.    Soca walley – Department for environmental and spatial planning and rural development Alps region, Gorenjska region, capital cilty Ljubljana

8.    Skocjan caves, UNESCO World Heritage Site

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